HYS is a collaboration between sound artist Giovanni Lami and visual artist Clio Casadei. During the summer of 2018, Lami created a 6 minute and 20 seconds sound piece recorded on-site in a park in Faenza. Casadei was later approached to create a visual transcription of this audio. Both versions, audio and visual, now hold the same title: HYS.

Familiar with his work and technique, Clio Casadei identified four important aspects that can describe Lami’s work and methods: stratification, fluidity, vulnerability and permeability.

Casadei approaches these aspects in a metaphysical manner where they are understood from a human experience point of view. It is her understanding of these 4 elements that will guide her through the creation of 50 vectorial drawings. Taken from her personal archive and own graphical language, these shapes, textures or logos are here transformed from one state to another, materializing the connection between different state of minds. The progression of the visual transformation is circular, not fixed, uninterrupted and adresses time/duration as a subjective notion capable of modifying the appearances.

HYS by Clio Casadei
60 Pages, black and white
Size : 5¨33/64 x 7¨31/64
Language: English
Binding Type : Saddle stitch
Paper : Glossy 118gsm
First edition of 50 copies, hand numbered
ISBN : 978-2-9816913-3-0

HYS by Giovanni Lami
Duration: 06:20 min
All music and production by Giovanni Lami
Mastered by Giuseppe Ielasi

Published by
Archive Officielle Publications