| DFD #01 |




La selezione di 130 disegni in bianco e nero, originariamente a china o in vettoriale, realizzati tra il 2005 e il 2012 è diventata un libro che cambia forma per stratificazione. Le immagini disegnate sulle pagine di ogni singola copia rendono il volume unico. Ogni copia – 14×18,4 cm | 260 pp. – è realizzata su richiesta.





Details from the posters designed for Dewey Dell’s Cinquanta urlanti, quaranta ruggenti, sessanta stridenti and Grave – sold out limited edition, silkscreen print



[…] The Fabric Division Fall / Winter 2013-14 collection, Underwater Skating, plays with simple but richly detailed shapes, creating structured and comfortable garments. The dense textures refer to natural landscapes, from the vibrant shades of coral reefs to the melancholy of Antarctic skies. Lightness and weight are opposed, warm mohair wool, hi-tech fabrics with coatings, caressing cady and comfortable Lycra coexist. Every fold and drape is controlled, blocked, almost sculpted, even with the most fluid fabric.



In the constant search for new effects, Fabric Division collaborated with the artist Clio Casadei in the realization of the project “laser engraving rocks”, where her handmade illustrative boards became the textile characterization of a mini series of garments, through the technique of laser engraving.

Fabric Division is a venture of the Fashion Designers Linda Crivellari and Enrico Assirelli. Their continuous research looks more and more into a conception of a unisex garment, a shifting and dynamic figure that hovers in the metropolitan landscape reinventing itself whilst engaging in an open dialogue with the body and the garment. Focus is given to the fabric’s highly sensorial tactile and reflective surfaces.


To the children. Details from the poster designed for Puerilia Festival 2012